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Pro Techniques For Keeping Hardwood Floors Beautiful

Pro Techniques For Keeping Hardwood Floors Beautiful

Maintaining a clean home is the responsibility of any good homeowner. To do a thourough job, it’ss necessary to give the proper attention to all the surfaces in the home, from the countertops to the flooring, and everything in between. Every surface requires a different cleaning method and product. This is especially true when talking about hardwood floor cleaning methods.

Cleaning hardwood floors, windows frames, and furniture requires cleaning solutions that can be used separately, but you can also find a universal product for all of them. Moreover, if you have the money and you also care about the environment, you may want to consider using some natural products. Most hardwood floor cleaning products are fairly expensive, and not all are good for the environment.

1. Cleaning hardwood floors with common items from the house

If you don’t want to spend any money on cleaning products, you should know that you already have everything you need in your house. Wipe the dust with a wet towel, than with a dry one. The surface must be covered with wax afterwards, and you must use the towel again. Cleaning hardwood floors this way is not so effective, but sometimes it is the best solution if you don’t want to get out of the house or you are not willing to spend money on expensive products.

2. Cleaning hardwood floors with vinegar

Make a solution with half a liter of vinegar and half a liter of water. Pour some liquid soap in this solution and it is ready to use. You can clean the greasy spots this way. Try cleaning hardwood floors vertically, following the planks of the floor.

3. Advanced solutions forcleaning hardwood floors

If you have a child that uses colored crayons, eats in the house, and also splashes different substances on the floor, you will need to use an advanced solution. Mix some water with sodium bicarbonate, and cover the whole floor with this solution for 30 minutes. Remove it carefully, and insist on the resistant spots. Some housekeepers are using the iron machine and a paper to soften the spots, but sometimes this could be dangerous for the floors.

4. Cleaning hardwood floors and prolonging their life

If you want to protect and prolong the life of the floor, you will have to use special solutions. In any case, don’t use products based on ammonium. If you have floors made of exotic wood, never use water or liquid detergent for it. Use floor wax and rub it for a long time. If you think the wax is costly, you can always use the common oil. You must use a soft towel if you don’t want to scratch it. For the spots, you can use gasoline. After a while, the floor loses its shine, so you will need to call the cleaning hardwood floors specialists.

Cleaning hardwood floors is considered a simple process by the majority of women. Sure, if you use a simple mop and a common solution, your floor would look good for a while. However, after some time, you will realize that your floor doesn’t have the same shine and aspect. This is why you will have to follow the advices from this article. However, even with those home made solutions, your floor will be ruined after a while. It is better to invest some money while cleaning hardwood floors, as this will prolong their life, and you will be happy about spending money on those solutions now instead of spending them on the costly cleaning hardwood floors specialists later. Check the instructions of the floor manufacturers, as they must know the best solutions to clean those floors.

Mold Testing Needs to Be Taken Seriously

When consumers see mold in their home or their business, their immediate reaction may be to clean it up, getting rid of the water it is growing from and the visible mold growth. Some consumers, however, are aware of the dangers of mold and that visible mold is usually a sign of much more extensive growth and damage. These consumers know to call in specialists when they notice mold in their building.

However, even before mold is visible, it’s a good idea to have buildings regularly tested for mold spores. These spores are too small to be seen by the naked eye, but they are floating around the air just about everywhere. They are most prevalent outdoors, but they will float around in the air inside rooms in the highest density when they are likely to start growing. Of course, once mold does start to grow, it will create an incredible number of spores as well.

Mold testing in Greenville, SC and other areas is essential for knowing when mold is about to start becoming a problem or when mold is actually growing unnoticed. Just because consumers don’t see mold in their home, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. The spores can be floating throughout their house and they not know that it is coming from extensive mold growth somewhere in the building.

Mold can hide easily, and it takes professional mold testing, like that performed by mold testing greenville sc to find the spores before they can spread or the problem becomes worse. Early preventative measures are the key to minimizing the damage that mold can cause.

By testing regularly, consumers can know if there is mold present or if mold will soon be a problem for them. They can prevent the health issues that often arise when mold starts to grow and breathe easier by not only knowing when they have a mold problem but also doing something about it. It is important to get rid of mold as soon as it is found. If one waits too long, the mold can cause severe structural damage, decrease the value of the building and create serious health problems that particularly affect the very young, the elderly and the infirm. Only mold remediation experts can test for mold and remove it properly and completely.