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Klaus Audio is your best choice for professionally constructed custom subwoofer boxes and sub woofer enclosures.

We offer custom sub woofer enclosures for standard round subwoofers, as well as custom JL W7 (8W7, 10W7, 12W7, and 13W7/13.5W7) subwoofer boxes, Kicker Solo-Baric L5 sub woofer boxes, and Solo Baric L7 subwoofer enclosures.

Custom subwoofer boxes from Klaus Audio are enclosures for virtually any sub woofer and subwoofer box configuration.

Click here to navigate through our site for custom subwoofer boxes from Klaus Audio.
Got my box in the mail the other day and wow, it's friggin awesome! All my friends were amazed and they heard me bragging about it for a while and they didn't believe me how good it was going to be and it actually turned out better than I thought it would. It simply sounds and looks amazing. Very nice job Klaus Audio. I'm definately recommending Klaus Audio to anyone who asks me about subwoofer boxes.
Item Purchased: Single 12" Straight Ported Custom Subwoofer Box
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Single 12" Solo-Baric L5 & L7 Subwoofer Boxes
Single 12" Solo-Baric L5 & L7 Subwoofer Boxes
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Dual 12" Subwoofer Boxes
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