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How are Klaus Audio subwoofer boxes constructed?

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We receive many emails about how we construct our enclosures. Our process for each box is primarily the same.

Once we receive payment for a subwoofer box order, it is processed and submitted to our shop to be built.

Our enclosures are all constructed from precision-cut 3/4" MDF and are glued, clamped, and nailed together. The primary source of strength for the subwoofer box is the glue, as the bond of the glue is so strong, if you were to pry a panel apart, the bond of the MDF will give way before the bond of the glue between the two panels.

For our W7 subwoofer boxes, the front baffles are still 3/4" MDF but we brace both sides of the subwoofer cutout to give it the strength the baffle needs to handle the weight and power of the W7 subwoofer.

After the box is cut and assembeled, it is sent to be carpeted. We use automotive carpeting to carpet our enclosures. It is a higher quality carpet than plain subwoofer box carpet, and it looks better as well.

The next step is for the box to be sealed and have the terminal cups installed. Subwoofer boxes are sealed at every seam using latex caulk. The terminal cups we use are 3" terminal cups with gold plated posts.

If the subwoofer box was customized to have plexiglass windows, we install the plexiglass onto the box with screws every 1.5" along the edge of the plexiglass. We use 1/4" plexiglass, which has proven very sturdy when installed using our install method.

After the subwoofer box is completed, the enclosure is cleaned of any dust and debris. The box is then wrapped in a sheet of plastic to protect it from moisture, and then it is wrapped in cardboard for shipping.

The packaged subwoofer box is then shipped and, if available, we send a tracking number to the customer.

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