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The Double-Layered Front Baffle

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We offer the option of a double front baffle on most of our custom subwoofer boxes. The purpose of the double front baffle is purely for adding strength to the front of the subwoofer box. Some subwoofers are very heavy and the double front baffle increases rigidity and improves overall strength of the subwoofer box. High-powered subwoofers will also benefit from the double front baffle. "High Powered" and "very heavy" generally tend to go together when you're talking about subwoofers.

If you have a subwoofer that is very heavy (40 pounds or more), or you are pushing a lot of power through your subwoofer (800 watts RMS or more), it is a good idea to choose the double front baffle option on your custom subwoofer box. The resulting front baffle is 1.5" thick, which is extremely strong. There will be minimal (if any) flex in a dual layered front baffle on your custom subwoofer box. It is possible to use a heavy or high-powered subwoofer without a double front baffle, but in order to get the most out of your subwoofer system, the double front baffle will yield the best results.

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